Cheerfully I Learn!

OK… so, I had heard that marketing an ebook could be time-consuming… foolishly (naively, I prefer to think) I thought, “Well, my ebook will be different! It will just fly off the shelves…”

Why would I think my ebook would be any different than any of the good ebooks currently out there? Foolish pride and rampant optimism. While I hope I’ve left the foolishness behind, I still retain the optimism.

Firstly – a huge thanks to anyone who has either already bought a copy of my ebook or is reviewing it! Am very grateful!! 🙂

Secondly – I need to really learn how to post blogs, don’t I? 😉

In his great book, How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks: All for Free, Jason Matthews recommends taking small steps when marketing one’s ebook. I think I understand why now.

With that advice in mind, I’m happy that I’ve begun this journey. I’m meeting some really interesting people and reconnecting with friends and family. I just hope people like my little cozy mystery set in Door County.



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