Winter in Door County

I set my cozy mystery in Door County because I really just love that area of my beloved state. With its abundant trees, great shorelines, and fantastic sunsets, it boasts a lot of natural beauty. And the people who live up there are friendly and kind, plus they are very careful in allowing which businesses can settle up there. As a result, when you go to Door County, you can really “get away”.

In summer, it means you get away with a lot of other people. Which can be a lot of fun. There is always something to see and do. However, winter presents a different set of options, including the bonus that you pretty much get the whole place to yourself.

As Brian Clark writes in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, winter brings a whole host of things to do:

If you are able to get away and head to Door County this winter, be sure to dress warmly. And enjoy one the sunsets, which are available year-round!




One thought on “Winter in Door County

  1. Sara says:

    Fabulous sunset! I’ve never been to Door County in the winter, but Husby and I have been talking about trying it. Blustery weather next to the big water seems so romantic to me – especially if I’m indoors cuddled up in a chair by the fireplace!

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