On the Upswing…

So, it is definitely winter in Wisconsin. We are in the middle of a horrid cold snap. Brrrr… the temperature this morning is roughly -9°F, and about -25 with the wind chill. Yesterday, when I left my day job, my car was not happy. And the cold made my gas pedal very stiff. Not fun for someone who likes to drive fairly fast.

My sweetie usually parks in the garage (I have a bit of a fear of parking in garages since I hit one once and caused $2,000 in damage), but last night he let me… fingers crossed that my car starts today. Gotta go make some money to pay for an advertising campaign for my humble little cozy mystery.

Speaking of which, expect an announcement for a Kindle promotion soon! With that I will leave you with two good thoughts and a picture:

1. Temperatures will be in the 30s by the end of this week.

2. We gain about half an hour of sunlight by the end of this month!

Oh, and remember this weather?




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