Beat the Winter Blahs!

Hi! I’m excited to be offering my mystery novel (“Murder in Death’s Door County”) for free on Amazon, for the next few days! The promotion will run from Friday to Tuesday (1/25-1/29). I hope you enjoy!

Here’s the link:

AND, here’s a brief excerpt of my book:

“Hello? Harry?” I called out tentatively, as I entered the room with my eyes closed. I had two motives: I didn’t want to see him in his skivvies and I really didn’t want to startle him. Stepping inside Harry’s room, I noticed how much it resembled an attic room and even had a gable window. With a window seat upholstered in striped shades of blue. Swallowing down my envy over the pretty room, my eyes swept the rest of the room. The southern-facing windows really brightened the room, bathing everything in warmth and sunniness (which did nothing to decrease my envy). Harry had lucked out view-wise, too. Since his room was on the third floor, he could see over the treetops to the shores of Lake Michigan, which was only a block from the inn. I noted Harry’s watch on the nightstand, next to his reading glasses. He had his luggage arranged neatly in the corner and, presumably, today’s outfit laid across an overstuffed chintz chair. Upon closer review, I espied the corner of an envelope sticking out of his suit jacket and wondered if that was my bonus check. Quickly, I strode across the room with the intention of…

“Miss! What are you doing?”

Crap. A maid would have to appear now. With a guilty start, I turned around to face one of Kitty’s staff.

“I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

“I don’t see anyone else here, do I?”

I couldn’t even fathom going through the whole story with her, so I made something up. I needed something to tell her, fast. Something that would justify being in Harry’s room, without him.

“Oh, well, I’m just waiting for my lover, Harry.” Lover? Oh my goodness, what had possessed me?

“Your lover?”

“Yes, yes, exactly. My lover. Harry and I became involved in a purely physical relationship the last time I went to Chicago and he visited me this weekend.” Pleased with myself, I smiled in smug satisfaction.

“Hmmm… then you’d better tell that blonde who visited his room last night that you are his lover,” the maid shot back, putting an icky emphasis on “lover.”

Reading her name tag, I cleared my throat nervously, “We have an open relationship. Anyway, what do you want, Millicent? Can I help you?”

Millicent eyed me suspiciously, “No, no. I was just getting a leg up on cleaning the rooms.”

I felt a pang of guilt. Cleaning the whole inn and without the benefit of an elevator must be difficult. Millicent’s untidy grey hair and imposing manner made her seem older than I thought, but the job would even be tough for a younger woman. Maybe that’s why Millicent was so bitter and cranky. I vowed to cut her some slack.

I said, with a forced lightness, “Then you should probably get started. I’m sure Kitty’s wondering where you are. I guess I’ll go then, too. Harry must have gone to breakfast without me. That scamp!”

At the doorway, Millicent and I parted ways. Waiting until Millicent turned the corner, I scuttled back into the room and again, tried to snag that envelope. But something distracted me and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a puddle of reddish brown water on the bathroom floor. Reddish brown water? Determined to investigate, I walked across the room. With a sinking feeling, I called, “Harry? Hello? Are you in here?”

No answer. Tentatively, I entered the bathroom and saw the source of the puddle. Watery blood was running out of the bathtub and onto the floor…


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