White Smoke!

I realize that not everyone is Roman Catholic… but I am. Yep, I’m a cradle Catholic. I briefly left the Church for a little while, but came back because the Pastor’s wife where I went kept inviting me over to watch nun movies. I felt called back to the Church.

Now, I also realize that the Roman Catholic Church has had its share of man-made blunders; however, I do know that the Church has a rich heritage in Christ. And that is where I put my faith – in Christ.

Sooooo… regardless of where someone may fall in their faith (Christian [whichever denomination] or still searching), I pray that everyone can wish Pope Francis I a wonderfully long life. He seems like a humble, kind person, and I look forward to seeing how he handles so many of the issues plaguing the Church today. I believe that the Holy Spirit will endow him with the wisdom he needs to move us forward. I take comfort in knowing that this happens during Lent, the Holiest season of the Church year.



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