Saw a Robin!!!!

So happy! I saw a robin just a few minutes ago. And mush that I am, I teared up quite a bit (yes, it is sad but true – I tear up at the drop of a hat). Spring is here, then… right? I mean once you see the first robin of the season, there is officially (well, as officially as you can get in the Upper Midwest) no going back to winter. I think it’s a rule… πŸ˜‰

The snow is melting (grass is peeping out under the dirty, grey snow). A robin has been spotted. And baseball starts on Monday (go Brewers!).
08272012 014

And on a side note, GO MARQUETTE!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Saw a Robin!!!!

  1. Sara says:

    I saw a robin the other day too! Also, today it rained…without freezing! Our first rain of the year. Yes, I think spring is trying to push its way into our lives.

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