Love Oil Pastels

OK – I’ve rediscovered completely my love of charcoals and oil pastels! I did enjoy my brief foray into oil paints. And I plan to dig deeper into oil paints after we move into a roomier apartment (I didn’t realize that oils take sooooo long to dry).

While waiting for my oil painting experiments to dry (10 days, no kidding!), I grabbed my oil pastels and charcoals, and got crackin’… here’s what I did:
041313 005
041313 001

And, then Peanut inspected my work:
041313 003

I think he approved… it’s hard to tell sometimes… 😉

Obviously, I enjoy nautical themes. I’m working a bigger project right now, in oil pastels. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the coming week. So happy to be creating art again!



2 thoughts on “Love Oil Pastels

  1. Azure Wand says:

    They look really cool! I like how you blended the blue and the green in you’re shell picture

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