Arrested Development! There Will be Hop-ons!

Ok. Ok… Back in 2003, I started watching a quirky little show called ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. It looked funny (and was!) and showed a lot of promise!
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However, during the show’s 3-year run, it never really found an audience. They kept changing the day and time… and if you didn’t know about this hidden gem, it was tough to find.

I told everyone I knew to watch the show. As it is with word-of-mouth, only a couple of people heeded my suggestion and watched it. After it sadly went off the air (due to low ratings – the critics LOVED this show!), so many people found it on cable and lamented that they didn’t watch it at the time. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT has gained quite a cult following since it went off the air in 2006.

So, when Netflix releases Season 4 of this wonderfully off-the-wall show on May 26, please watch it if you can. This show is a guilty pleasure and Mrs. Featherbottom-approved!



4 thoughts on “Arrested Development! There Will be Hop-ons!

  1. CooperDaKat says:

    The series doesn’t start until later this months but you can get The Arrested Development Documentary Project on demand now.

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