Announcement: Ebook Cover Designer for Hire

Sooo… as I’ve gotten back into art and involved in marketing my little mystery, I’ve realized there are a lot of ebook covers out there that don’t do their books justice. I love design and to lend a hand, so I’m putting out my “shingle” as an ebook cover designer. I’ve recently completed my first ebook cover for Michele McGrath’s Manannan’s Magic (a great book – if you like Medieval History, British Isles, and romance, get this book!), which you can see here and on my portfolio page:

And, I want to do more! 🙂 If you need an ebook cover designed or know of someone who needs one, please let them know about my services. Since I am a new Book Cover Designer, I have a small portfolio, but I do have design and formatting experience. As a Book Cover Designer, I will offer you:

– An Original Cover, guaranteed

– Thorough Review Process (your book is your vision – you MUST love the cover I make for you)

– An excellent artistic eye and strong natural talent

At this point, my rate is:

– a flat fee of $150 for ebook cover AND regular book cover


– a flat fee of $55 for just an ebook cover

Please fill out this form if you are interested.



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