Music Monday!

For my inaugural Music Monday post, I offer you “Fisherman’s Blues” by The Waterboys! They are a band near and dear to me. When I was in college (back in the day), one of my roommates was in a band called Big Sky, with Peter Mulvey. Anyway, they did an amazing cover of this song. I loved their cover and I love the original. So, without further ado, Ireland’s own The Waterboys:



Happy Father’s Day!

For God the ultimate Father: Thank You for my life and Your continued love and protection. You have given me so much and am grateful. Happy Father’s Day! I pray that every knee bows to You and the blessed Trinity.

To my Dad, I wish you a wonderfully Happy Father’s Day! I wish the same to all of the other Dads out there. I give my Grandpas a special shout-out – I know you are no longer with us physically and your presence is missed every day.
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Everyday in our humble little home is Caturday! Peanut certainly is a little character, isn’t he?


Check out Bookkus!

Join the site, then one of the Groups via Bookkus Publishing (!

Bookkus is offering a really exciting opportunity for authors to get their books published by peer reviews. So, the authors get the chance to really be “heard” and not stuck in some slushie pile. And what do you, the reader, get? The opportunity to find hidden gems! Plus, YOU get a voice in saying whether they should be published! A win-win, right? Yep.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention the books are free?

So, get reading! 😉



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Peanut, being concerned about your security. LOL (he can be a bit of a “couch potato”)…

Dr. Seuss had his “Cat in a Hat.” I have my “cat in an ottoman”… 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

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