Caturday (starring Spensie)

In honor of our late cat, Spenser, and the anniversary of his birth this coming week, today’s Caturday is his debut on this site. We miss you, Spensie. You were a good boy. 🙂


I had the joy of having him from 5 weeks old until he was over 17 years old (which is longer than I had my Mom with me). He was friendly, sweet, and very snuggly. Although he’s been gone from us for two years, he will never be forgotten.

He could be Mr. Bowie’s long-lost brother, I think… 🙂



Happy Father’s Day!

For God the ultimate Father: Thank You for my life and Your continued love and protection. You have given me so much and am grateful. Happy Father’s Day! I pray that every knee bows to You and the blessed Trinity.

To my Dad, I wish you a wonderfully Happy Father’s Day! I wish the same to all of the other Dads out there. I give my Grandpas a special shout-out – I know you are no longer with us physically and your presence is missed every day.
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Motherhood: Thanking Those Who Do the Toughest Job Out There!

Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. – Deuteronomy 5:16

Now, I’m not a Mom, but I have the privilege of knowing several. And, when I was trying to figure out which Bible verse to include in this blog entry, I figured I should go “old school” and pull out the Third Commandment. There is a reason why God extolls us to honor our parents. Being a parent is an extremely important job; albeit, rather thankless. 🙂 But I know the parents out there wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂 Children are a blessing from God, even when they are having a full-blown tantrum in a crowded shopping mall. I am happy that God has shown me that my purpose is to be a Protector of children, but that is a different role that a Mom. Therefore, I would like say Thanks to the following people:
© Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos

My Mother: You were with us all too short a time and I know that much of your time here was troubled. But you gave me a couple of really wonderful gifts and I thank you, Mom. You gave me the gift of a gentle demeanor, partly by nature and partly by observing you during the oh-so-short time I had you here. You also gave me your sense of fun and joy in the little things in life – I will always be grateful for that. And, lastly (but never least and this is not a complete list, by any means), you gave me the Gift of Love. Complete, unconditional love. Through everything, I never doubted your love for me, and I’m very grateful for that. That is the biggest gift to give your children – LOVE – which you were able to do during your short 37 years on earth.

My Stepmother: Fortunately, we still have you with us. 🙂 Thank you so much for your warmth, kindness, and steadying hand. Stepmom isn’t the right word for you – you are Mom, too. I am blessed to have a few Moms in my life, and I thank you for that. I know that your love is complete and unconditional, too, and I am grateful for that, too. I know that sometimes my independent streak can be tough to understand (I’ve had it since babyhood), but never doubt my feelings and the love I feel for you and Dad.

My Fella’s Mother: You raised my fella and have accepted me into your family. Although, I’m not formally in your family, I am grateful to have been welcomed by you with open arms and love. Thank you for raising such a wonderful fella – he is a true blessing.

My Grandmothers: You both left us too soon. Well, really, anytime would have been too soon. Just know that I miss both of you very much. You each taught me different things and I’m so grateful for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms out there!!!! 🙂