Lambeau Leap!

Today, my fella and I went to Lambeau Field in Green Bay for lunch. We’ve been there before, but I’ve never been there in the off-season. You’d think the place would be quiet, right? Not so much.
031613 005

Lambeau appears to enjoy many visitors year-round, which is good to see. Although we didn’t get to see the Lombardi Trophy, we did see Mr. Lombardi.
031613 006

A giant statue of Mr. Lambeau stood right next to Mr. Lombardi in front of the stadium. In the atrium, an event was being set up… I think it would be very fun to attend a special event at Lambeau. And, poking over the top of the inside of the stadium, we saw the new scoreboard. It was gigantic!!

For lunch, we went to Curly’s Pub, named for Curly Lambeau. Mr. Lambeau coached the Packers for 31 years!! Which seems like an amazingly long time, especially considering today’s revolving door for NFL teams. All in all, it was such a fun visit! Loved going to Lambeau!



A True Class Act!

I’d like to congratulate @Donald_Driver80!! He and his wife, Bettina, have given so much to Wisconsin. Thank you so much!!!

In case you do not have the luck to live in Wisconsin (or be from Wisconsin), something very special happened in football this week. I’m not talking about that crazy game that was played last Sunday. And I’m not talking about that crazy black-out that occurred at the “Big Game.”

I’m talking about the fact that Donald Driver retired as a Green Bay Packer! While this doesn’t sound like a huge deal on face value… it is. Especially when you consider that the Packers signed #80 on to the team 14 years ago. Basically, Donald Driver has never played for another pro NFL team and his retirement makes it official that he won’t. Now, that in itself shows almost unprecedented loyalty and class.

However, last Wednesday, Packernation waited outside in frigid (seriously) temperatures for tickets to Donald’s retirement announcement and party. Over 1500 attended this amazing event in Lambeau Field’s atrium. While I did not get to go (insert sad face here), I did get to watch a rerun of the speech tonight. Wow! Donald Driver’s speech was pitch perfect and shows what a Class Act he and Bettina are. Multiple times Donald thanked God, which is so wonderful.

Throughout the retirement announcement show, people got to see what a truly good guy he is, and how much Wisconsin loves their Packers.

I tried to find a broadcast of the show on you tube, but I couldn’t find one yet. However, I did find this fun tribute:

For anyone watching the video, who isn’t from Wisconsin, let me explanation a cool fact about the Packers before you watch it. On the video, you’ll see Donald Driver riding a little boy’s bike with the little boy running behind him. During Packers training camp, local children wait by the fence at Lambeau, with their bikes, and if they are lucky, one of the Packers will choose their bike to ride across the parking lot to the practice field. Cute, right? Every year in late summer, it is always fun to see news clips of big football guys on little kids’ bikes.

Thank you Donald and Bettina Driver and family.
Blessings to all!