And Now, a Very Special Caturday!

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Peanut and Spensie together. 🙂

I got Peanut from my cousins as a 3-month kitten. My cousin-in-law had to bottle feed him because he was abandoned at 1 day old… she was very good to him. But like most abandoned kittens, he didn’t learn good cat socialization skills (part of why he’s a bit of a Wild Child). At the time, they had 3 dogs, another cat, a 3-year old child, and a store to run… Peanut was a tipping point, so I was designated (by my Aunt) to take him. I adore them all, so I did. 😀

And then the fun started! At that point, Spensie was 12-1/2 years old… he was a little old kitty and very set in his ways. But Spensie was so sweet that I wasn’t worried about his reaction to this little kitten. What should I have been worried about?

How about Peanut thinking it was a good idea to ride Spense like a little furry cowboy? Digging his front claws into Spensie’s neck? Or the fact that Peanut saw Spensie’s tail as a toy, constantly playing with it? Through it all, Spensie never attacked Peanut back (which the vet said is normal with older cats). Unless Peanut was really hurting him (which was pretty rare once I put the kibosh on the cowboy/horse thing), Spensie tolerated the kitten antics and seemed to like Peanut. They never became “best buddies”, but they did have occasional moments like the one in the above picture. 🙂

Peanut is almost 7 now… I think it might be time soon for him to get a taste of what it’s like to be “tormented” by a kitten… don’t you? 😉

Peanut is a good boy (almost always) and Spensie was a really good boy (except when he begged for your ice cream). God has blessed us.



Wordless Wednesday

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Everyday in our humble little home is Caturday! Peanut certainly is a little character, isn’t he?


Wordless Wednesday

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Check out Bookkus!

Join the site, then one of the Groups via Bookkus Publishing (!

Bookkus is offering a really exciting opportunity for authors to get their books published by peer reviews. So, the authors get the chance to really be “heard” and not stuck in some slushie pile. And what do you, the reader, get? The opportunity to find hidden gems! Plus, YOU get a voice in saying whether they should be published! A win-win, right? Yep.

Oh, yeah, and did I mention the books are free?

So, get reading! 😉



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Peanut, being concerned about your security. LOL (he can be a bit of a “couch potato”)…

Dr. Seuss had his “Cat in a Hat.” I have my “cat in an ottoman”… 🙂


Wordless Wednesday

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