Wordless Wednesday

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Spring is Late, but Here are Some Flowers!

I don’t where you all are, but Spring is really late in Wisconsin this year! It is actually snowing as of this writing! Snowing! I know, crazy, right? I mean, we are usually done with snow by late-March, early-April. Of course, the latest that we’ve ever gotten snow up here is May 10, 1990… I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen again (it had been 70°F the day before).

But if it does, it does. Although I really long for a nice 60°F day!

In any case, I hope these flowers brighten your day a bit. 🙂
041413 004

Here’s another picture (but Peanut’s whiskers are in the way… he likes to be in on everything going on in our little abode).
041413 001

Stay warm!


Love Oil Pastels

OK – I’ve rediscovered completely my love of charcoals and oil pastels! I did enjoy my brief foray into oil paints. And I plan to dig deeper into oil paints after we move into a roomier apartment (I didn’t realize that oils take sooooo long to dry).

While waiting for my oil painting experiments to dry (10 days, no kidding!), I grabbed my oil pastels and charcoals, and got crackin’… here’s what I did:
041313 005
041313 001

And, then Peanut inspected my work:
041313 003

I think he approved… it’s hard to tell sometimes… 😉

Obviously, I enjoy nautical themes. I’m working a bigger project right now, in oil pastels. I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the coming week. So happy to be creating art again!